The Common Ground Initiative

The Common Ground Initiative

The Common Ground Initiative

Posted on February, 27 2024

By Anthony Tone Payton


  • Ep 18 No Shame in Mental Health
    Thursday Dec 29, 2022
    Listen to Anthony Payton tell his story about struggles with mental health and wellness and to his conversation with Nicole Sublette is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, with a private practice in Manchester.
  • EP 17a: “Once the streets get a hold of you…it’s hard to get away.”
    Thursday Nov 17, 2022
    In the second part of his series exploring at risk youth, Anthony Payton discusses the struggles kids in these situations face and how early intervention efforts do help to turn the tide.
    Payton also interviews John Rainville, Executive Director of the Manchester Police Athletic League on the impacts the program has on neighborhood kids and how volunteers can get involved.
  • EP 17: Q&A with MPAL Executive Director John Rainville
    Thursday Nov 17, 2022
    From the outside, you’d think the colossal building on the corner of Beech and Lake street in Manchester is a police academy or substation with a formidable facade. But inside, there’s an elite-level boxing gym, a well-kept kitchen used for culinary arts classes, and a huge area for wrestling and Aikido classes. This is where MPAL looks to serve the 8,600 at-risk youth within a mile of the facility and beyond.
    John Rainville, executive director of MPAL, explains that there is magic when officers meet and interact with community members and their children.
    Listen as Anthony Payton interviews Rainville on the benefits and challenges of the MPAL program in Manchester, NH.

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