Patricia Hammond

Journalist/Podcaster/Content Creator

Patricia Hammond brings a wealth of expertise, making her a valuable asset in various domains. Her unique blend of talents and experiences makes her a go-to resource for those seeking innovative solutions and creative insights.

Patricia has made her mark in the world of journalism and writing. Her contributions to publications like Flackery Magazine, The Business Guild, and ManchesterInkLink have showcased her ability to craft compelling narratives and thought-provoking articles.

Patricia is also proficient in web design and development. In addition, she is great at building connections. Her proficiency in organizing events and networking has allowed her to create meaningful opportunities for collaboration and growth. Whether fostering professional relationships or curating memorable experiences, Patricia excels in bringing people together.

Elaina Bedio

Business Owner/Content Writer/Researcher

Owner and principal consultant at Purpose Public Affairs, LLC , Elaina provides exceptional public relations services in the Greater Nashua area. She specializes in helping nonprofits optimize their communications strategies to boost visibility and fundraising potential.

Elaina brings a rich background of academic and content writing, with previous work in higher education and senior level experience in nonprofit communications. She intends to use this opportunity with Nashua Digital and the Granite State News Collaborative to shine a spotlight on the people, organizations, and communities that make Nashua an exceptional city and to monitor the issues that are important to its residents.

Jaye Brewer


Jaye Brewer is a full-time Southern New Hampshire University student studying for her bachelor's degree in Creative Writing & English. Her passion for writing started at an early age as a means to cope with the challenges in her life. Jaye spent many years in active addiction and now lives a life of recovery. She hopes to use her writing skills and degree to change the narrative and outlook on addiction by changing the many lives affected by the disease with her stories, experiences, strengths, and hopes. She resides in New Hampshire with her newborn son.

Anthony Payton


Anthony Payton is a Brooklyn-born, New Hampshire-based visionary behind Nashua Digital – a comprehensive, online news outlet centered in Nashua, New Hampshire. His recently established Anthony Payton Media, L.L.C. will serve as the launching pad for Nashua Digital. His work with the Granite State News Collaborative, ManchesterInkLink, and The Fitz Center at Franklin Pierce has won awards.

With his column and podcast, [The Common Ground Initiative](link to podcast), Anthony has addressed many topics, including patriotism and mental health, showcasing his versatility as a columnist, journalist, and podcast host. He has most recently been chosen to become a TEDx speaker , and his recent venture into founding a Media Company further underscores his dedication to the field.

Anthony's service on various community and advisory boards across New Hampshire reflects his deep-seated commitment to giving back, and he embodies an unwavering commitment to advocacy and change-making. He finds fulfillment in engaging with at-risk youth, parents, and people affected by incarceration, offering them support and guidance. Anthony hopes his work impacts not just individuals but also the fabric of communities.