Meet Darrien Waugh-Keene State Coordinator for Student Diversity

Meet Darrien Waugh-Keene State Coordinator for Student Diversity

Meet Darrien Waugh-Keene State Coordinator for Student Diversity

By Anthony Payton


Darrien Waugh serves as the Coordinator for Student Diversity, Belonging, and Equity at Keene State College. In addition to his role at the college, he’s also the co-founder of ThinkinGenWealth, a platform dedicated to advancing financial literacy.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Darrien’s childhood involved moving frequently, ultimately leading him to Massachusetts, where he completed his undergraduate and master's degrees at Nichols College, Dudley, MA.

His upbringing exposed him to the significant challenges faced by communities of color, including experiences within his circle of friends and family that ranged from dealing with loss to incarceration. These early observations sparked instances of acting out during his youth.

Fortunately, mentorship played a critical role in redirecting his path, igniting a lifelong dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and financial literacy.

“Driven by a mission to create meaningful opportunities and provide valuable resources, particularly for the BIPOC community that historically has had limited access to essential tools for overcoming systemic barriers, I am committed to breaking the cycles of generational challenges that our communities face,” Darrien said

It is with this backdrop that he’s excited to introduce the "Black Money Workshop" on February 14th, 2024.

This event aims to shed light on the financial disparities that have plagued the BIPOC community for generations, examine the current impacts, and offer a comprehensive guide for building a solid financial foundation as college students. We warmly invite your participation to share insights into the systemic lack of financial education within our justice system and its effects on individuals reintegrating into society.

“Your experiences and perspectives are invaluable to this conversation, and we look forward to your contributions. Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I hope to welcome you to the workshop.” Darrien Waugh

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Name: Black Money Workshop

Date: 2/14/23

Time: 6 pm-8 pm

Location: Keene State College Mabel Brown Room

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