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As a dad, one of my concerns has constantly been worrying that my daughter might see me as uncool or unable to understand her. This worry becomes more intense when I see her hanging out with friends, wondering if they perceive me as an average regular dad. They have no idea of my awesomeness and cool-factors. But anyway…

A small thing happened recently that made me feel like a superhero dad. In this blog post, I'll share how I earned my daughter's admiration, continued to build her up, and scored some points with her friends.

It all began when I noticed a group of kids gathered on the street corner, and among them was my daughter, Amelia. I pulled up to the corner and called her, "Amelia!" Surprisingly, she acknowledged me without a hint of embarrassment. It sounded like her friends asked, "Is that your dad?" I was wearing shades and a button-down shirt after coming from a meeting. They all waved at me enthusiastically, and even though she tried hiding it, I could see that my daughter loved it.

As a father, nothing brings me joy like making my daughter smile. That evening, I took her out to dinner.

Her reserved happiness gave way to a smile, and I knew I had achieved something. She opened up to me about school and some of her new friends. Watching her get better at socializing, especially after the Covid lockdowns, has been a sight for sore eyes. It became clear that she trusted me enough to share and that I was strengthening our bond by making her feel acknowledged and heard.

After the meal, my daughter looked at me with more appreciation. It struck me that earning my daughter's pride didn't depend on being trendy or popular; instead, it relied on being a parent who consistently shows up and listens. I’m seeing the lessons starting to stick. The advice, though sometimes repetitious, is beginning to resonate. So, I continue to build her up and tell her how proud I am of her progress.

Yet, I realize there will be the ebb and flow of brilliance and misbehavior from this young girl. She’s barely ten years old. She’s growing at an unreal pace, has the vocabulary of a college student, and has been dropping hints about iPhones for Christmas. Her social life is blooming and blossoming right before my eyes. As the first guy in her life, I must prepare her for the valleys and peaks of social engagement. So, as her Dad, I make sure that I’m building her up.

And even though she’s full of confidence, I remind her of the importance of positivity in her “self-talk.” Sometimes, she gives me a quizzical look, which could be her way of saying, "Duh, Dad, I already know about self-talk."

One day, she will be in the hustle and bustle of the real world, and I am confident she will use my lessons.

Parenthood is challenging, but seeing her smile and hearing her laughter has made all the difficulties worthwhile. And even though I looked cool in front of her friends, I couldn’t let my head get big. Yes, I did bask in the glory, but I had to tell her I was incredibly proud of her. Our children still seek our approval, so take a moment to express your pride in them.

You never know; it might elevate you to superhero status, in their eyes, turning you into a Super Dad.

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