Nashua and Main Street

Nashua and Main Street

Nashua and Main Street


Happy Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month!

Discovering Latinx Heritage and Resilience in Nashua, New Hampshire

Nashua, New Hampshire, is a cultural treasure trove; for food enthusiasts, it presents a dazzling array of Latinx cuisine and beverages. I enjoyed touring the city with Oscar Villacis, owner of First Gen Multi Media, LLC, who showed me around the vibrant Main Street. The experience was enlightening and memorable, and I came away with a deeper appreciation for the heritage and resilience of Nashua's Latino community.

Walking down Main Street, the aroma of spices and seasonings and lively music filled the air. We stopped at several restaurants serving delicious Latinx cuisine, each with specialties, classic dishes, and homemade desserts. The attention given to the preparation and presentation of food in these restaurants was inspiring, and the owners were passionate about their culinary creations. I was pressed for time and couldn't find the time to eat, but I did make a mental note to visit these restaurants for lunch and dinner as soon as possible.

We also visited various businesses, such as a local barbershop that catered to the Latino community. Oscar emphasized the significance of barbershops in communities as places where people share stories, exchange ideas, and connect over their experiences.

During our tour, we also spoke with business owners about their hope for more representation and opportunity. Many of them had an optimistic hope for an inclusive and united community. Their sense of pride wasn’t strictly about their business, but they also took pride in their communities and the city itself.

Visiting Nashua was an eye-opening and enriching experience. It showed me how diversity and culture can create a vibrant and resilient community. The hospitality and friendliness of the Latino community were genuinely unique and heart-warming, and it gave me a deeper appreciation for the strength and perseverance of Nashua's Latinx businesses and their owners. If you're ever in Nashua and looking for a memorable culinary and cultural experience, I strongly encourage you to explore Nashua and discover the hidden gems of this beautiful city.

By Publisher for Nashua Digital

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